How to Improve Your Sex Drive With CBD Oils

Research has conflicting results. In some studies, CBD oils have been known to lower anxiety associated with sex henceforth increasing sexual interest. Other research has returned with males reporting that they have a decreased libido with the use of CBD products. This is more so true with prolonged use.

What Causes Sexual Arousal?

Arousal happens in the body when you are awakened based on a specific stimulus. Desire, on the other hand, is the want to have sex. Please note, that just because someone is aroused does not mean they have a desire to have sex.

Women’s Sexual Arousal

Signs that a woman might be aroused

  • Swelling of clitoris or labia
  • Flush in cheeks and chest

With that being said, there is an ample amount of research that points to the effectiveness of CBD. A study on rats found that rats who received oral CBD treatments saw significantly reduced sciatic nerve pain and inflammation. Human studies have also found that CBD is effective in treating pain related to arthritis.

Signs of Men’s Sexual Arousal

Signs that a man might be aroused

  • Erect penis

How Can CBD Oil Improve Your Sex Drive?

There are many reasons that couples use this product to help with their sexual desire. This can include the prevention of:

  • Anxiety- Many people find they struggle with anxiety when it comes to sex. The chemicals found in these products are known to reduce anxiety resulting in increased sexual arousal.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)- It is hypothesized that blood vessels in the penis are relaxed and increases blood flow. This, in theory, will reverse the effects of ED.
  • Poor lubrication- Due to cannabis’s anti-inflammatory effects it is believed that it will make sex more comfortable so it is being added to the lubricant to relieve pain.
  • Low sex drive- While some research shows that men’s libido decreases; there is some suggestion that it can trigger the part of the brain that controls sexual arousal. This can aid in sexual interest.

Some people have found the use of these products to help them.

What Are The Drawbacks to CBD Use?

Not everyone has a positive reaction to the products, rather they experience negative affects. This is why you should start out with a low dose to see how your body responds. Some of these negative reactions include:

  • Allergic reactions- While infrequent allergic reactions can happen. They are usually to the fragrances that are mixed with the oils, but they can cause upset stomach, loss of appetite and fatigue. 
  • Drug interactions- Always check with your pharmacist about possible drug interactions. If an interaction can occur you should first check with your doctor and pharmacist.
  • Fertility- According to a 2006 study, there are possible concerns with fertility. However, it is unclear if it is from the THC or the CBD. These potential side effects are:
  • The follicle-stimulating hormone in both men and women have been shown to decrease
  • The levels of sperm produced for has been shown to be lower 
  • It has also been shown to change the women’s reproductive cycle, which is critical for the release of the egg.

How to CBD in the Bedroom

Taking your CBD oils and products into the bedroom can produce interesting and exciting results. Especially for those with performance anxiety. They range from lubricants to lotions all intended to increase the fun between the sheets.

  1. Massage lotion
  2. Oils for ingestion that have both CBD and THC
  3. Lubricants to help with pain and increase arousal for women
  4. Edibles
  5. Oil Drops
  6. Vapors 
  7. Dosage pens

These methods can all have a different benefit when you are trying to use them for sexual arousal. It is best to give more than one a try to see what works best for you. 

Improve your Sex Drive

The fastest way to get in the mood is to relax. Your brain is the first thing that needs to be active in order to become aroused. If you’re relaxed you’re more likely to get aroused. 

Next, you need to get your blood pumping through a variety of means such as deep breathing and making sounds. Not only do men need it for an erection, but women to heighten the sensitivity to their labia. This will heighten your experience as each touch will come with more sensation.

When to Use it in The Bedroom

CBD can help you relax making it easier to get into the mood. This is especially helpful for those who have performance anxiety. It has also shown to help men who suffer from some form of ED with an increase in blood flow through the body and the pineal region. However, it is important to note that if you are trying to get pregnant, you should use caution with the products.

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