Can CBD Cure a Hangover?

Many people use CBD oils and products for a variety of health reasons. Some users have found that it can help them with a hangover.

What Causes a Hangover?

There are many reasons that alcohol can cause a hangover with the main one being dehydration. Here’s a list of the causes:

  • Dehydration – This is simply a lack of water in your system. Alcohol is a diuretic which means that it pulls the water out of your system. This is often the cause of headaches and dizziness associated with drinking.
  • Electrolyte Imbalance – Electrolytes are essential minerals that your body needs. Often these are lost through sweating but with drinking, the alcohol can pull these out of your system causing headaches and weakness.
  • Low blood sugar – Alcohol also limits the amount of sugar production in the body which can lead to the fatigue and dizziness associated with a hangover.
  • Sleeping problems – Alcohol may make you feel sleepy because it is a depressant. However, the quality of sleep in this state will be much less than normal.
  • Vasodilation – This is a fancy word that simply means that your blood vessels widen under the effects of alcohol. This is another culprit for those headaches you experience with a hangover.

One can see that the most common side effect of all these are headaches, dizziness and tiredness. Another symptom that often goes hand in hand with these but doesn’t have one specific cause is nausea. These symptoms can vary from day to day and each person may experience them differently.

What Effects Does CBD Have on a Hangover?

CBD changes the way the brain interacts with serotonin which may account for some of these psychological benefits. Our main focus here is to look at the anti-inflammatory benefits and the sleep aid. Let’s look at how these can tie into the effects of a hangover.

How would CBD cure a hangover?

The biggest reason it could help cure a hangover is because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. If you remember, headaches are one of the main symptoms of hangovers. Often, Tylenol or ibuprofen is administered to alleviate headaches. These are also anti-inflammatories, but also cause a high strain on the liver. After a heavy night of drinking, you probably don’t want to put any extra work on your liver if you can avoid it. 

headache pills scattered from bottle

Reduce Risks to Your Liver

CBD oils can have the same benefit without needing extra processing through your liver. If you take CBD oil before you go to sleep, it can help you get better sleep and help counteract the negative effect alcohol has on your sleep. CBD oil has also been shown to reduce nausea which is one of the side effects of hangovers.

These are just some of the benefits but the compound may have many more undocumented benefits that could help you recover from your hangover. If you are looking to find out more about these products, then feel free to look around our site. We answer many questions related to these oils.

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