Explore the Benefits of CBD Coffee

With so many CBD, or cannabidiol, products out there, one gaining a lot of attention is CBD coffee. While intriguing, these two items seem to contrast each other quite significantly. For one thing, one is a stimulant and the other, a relaxing agent, leading to the question, “Is the hype really worth it?”

What is CBD Coffee?

So what exactly is it? Simply put, it’s just a combination of cannabidiol and coffee. The combination or form may look different, but in general, it is always going to contain these two ingredients.

These two items are quite popular, so combining them seems natural, but what are the CBD coffee benefits? First, many people claim that it allows them to enjoy the positive effects of caffeine without the jitters, shaky hands, and palpitations. Others believe it makes this drink accessible in the afternoon, providing alertness for a short period, but still allowing for sleep come bedtime.

How to Make CBD Coffee

While it may seem complicated, making CBD coffee is quite simple. There are two main ways:

  • Buy grounds, or CBD coffee pods, that are already infused with this cannabinoid, or 
  • Add it to your cup through an oil or tincture
CBD tincture bottles in warm sunlight

If already infused, simply brew the grounds like normal and add your favorite mix-ins. If adding through an oil or tincture, put in the desired amount through the dropper and mix. It may be necessary to blend it for 15-20 seconds to avoid the thicker oil of the cannabidiol rising to the top.

Finding the Best CBD Coffee

Depending on where you live, some people may find it a challenge to locate this drink or local shops that offer it. While you may want to check out the options online, your best CBD infused coffee could come from what you make at home. 

Find a basic and natural brew, preferably dark roast, and simply mix in a cannabidiol tincture. Making your own allows you to control the quality of product and dosage. If you’re not a fan of having to do it yourself, buy a cup of brew from a local shop and add in the desired amount through a tincture.

CBD Coffee vs. CBD Tea

The cannabidiol market doesn’t stop with coffee, there are also several teas on the market. While providing much of the same benefits, some prefer to have tea overall for its lower caffeine content, while others choose to have it in the evening for a calming effect.

Regardless, when forced to compare these two, it really comes down to preference. If you are going for alert without the jitters, go with a cup of joe. However, if you are wanting to relax after a long, hard day, then the tea may be for you.

Having the Right Expectations

When it comes to drinking this cannabidiol-infused drink, it’s important that you maintain the right expectations. While providing a tasty beverage and acting as a supplement or nutritional bonus, the dosing is typically not enough to treat severe medical issues.

Specifically, these include seizures from epilepsy, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders. Dosing in a standard cup or latte may be around 20-30mg, whereas dosing to help a condition such as PTSD may require up to 500mg. Clearly, proper dosing requirements for some conditions are unattainable through a cup of this drink.

Other Considerations

very hot CBD coffee

Another factor to consider when consuming cannabidiol through this beverage is temperature. Higher temperatures can affect the content, and the actual amount delivered. Because of this, some consumers choose to drink it iced or in a cold brew.

Additionally, what type of cannabidiol used can be an issue, especially if buying brew from a shop, or some that is already infused. Because this market is not regulated by a governing body, it’s important to do thorough research before taking that first sip. Companies not committed to providing a pure product could be serving an oil with pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins.

Trying It For Yourself

While you may not treat an autoimmune disease with the dosage amounts found in this cannabidiol drink, it’s still worth a try. Though a little more expensive than your average cup of joe, most people seem to really enjoy the taste. Apart from taking away the jitters and producing a calming effect, this combo can be really healthy for you.

Your morning cup could help battle long-term diseases and is believed to contain several nutrients and antioxidants. Cannabidiol too may contain antioxidants in addition to its touted abilities of reducing anxiety, reducing blood pressure, and improving sleep, to name a few. With all of these benefits, it seems you can’t go wrong with trying this cannabidiol-infused drink for yourself.

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