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If you’re looking for a way to quickly deliver CBD to your body throughout the day, then you should consider vaping it. Vaping has become the most popular choice for CBD users, especially if you need higher doses. This guide can help you determine if CBD vape is right for you. 

Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

If you’ve been wanting to try CBD to find relief, you’ve probably seen the many products on the market today. You can find everything from capsules to tinctures to edible gummies. The product you should choose depends on your needs. 

When selecting a product, you should think about bioavailability. This refers to how much of the product is available for your body to use.

 Anything you ingest has a lower bioavailability because the CBD is first broken down by your gut and liver before it goes to your bloodstream. Vaping cannabidiol means that it goes right to your bloodstream without your body breaking any of it down. Vaping it provides up to 50% bioavailability versus only around 6% with ingested products.

How to Use A CBD Vape Kit

A vape kit includes a pen or mod box or with a rechargeable battery. You simply plug in your unit and wait for it to fully charge. After it’s done charging, fill the tank with e-liquid (otherwise known as vape juice), which is CBD mixed with e-liquid such as glycerin and flavorings. The vape juice passes over a heated coil which turns it into the vapor that you inhale. 

Things to Look for When Buying A Vape Kit

There are many different types of vape kits on the market. Some of them can even be connected to your smartphone to track your use. The one you pick depends on a few factors such as how big do you want it to be and how much money are you willing to spend. 

What Is A Box Mod?

cbd vape box mod and accessories on a dark wooden table

A box mod is much bigger than a pen but some people prefer them for the following reasons:

  • Has a much longer battery life and overall performance
  • Produces more vapor during use if you’re going for grand vapor displays or prefer stronger flavor
  • Are more customizable for each user and can even learn what your vaping preference is and stay on that setting for subsequent use
  • Battery lasts on average up to 300 puffs
  • You get more product with each hit and is great for those who want to vape less frequently or who have a high tolerance
  • Newer ones come with customizable power settings which means you can control the temperature of the coil. This is a popular new feature that prevents your vape juice from burning

Box mods are typically preferred by those that are experienced in vaping.

What Is A Refillable CBD Vape Pen?

A vape pen is much smaller than a mod box, about the size of a large pen. It’s a good choice if you’re new to vaping or if you want to vape throughout the day. Some benefits of a vape pen include:

  • Less expensive than mod box
  • Battery typically lasts for a day
  • Discreet and easy to carry around
  • Smaller dosage with each vape
  • Less flavor with each hit
  • Still produce big clouds

Vape pens are the most popular choice for those that are new to vaping.

Things to Look for When Buying Vape Juice

Many people refer to the e-liquid as vape oil even though it doesn’t contain any oil. In fact, inhaling CBD oil (which is CBD mixed with a carrier oil such as hemp or coconut) can be dangerous. When you’re buying vape juice, make sure you check out the ingredients. Look for things such as

  • PG
  • CBD Extract
  • VG
  • Terpenes
  • Cannabinoids

If you find other ingredients, especially oils, then it’s not suitable for vaping.


The dosage you should take varies widely and depends on your own endocannabinoid system, body weight, tolerance levels, and what vape juice you buy. The average vape juice with 100 mg of CBD delivers about 1-2 mg of CBD per vape. Using a mod box will deliver more with each hit. 

The best way to figure out your dosage is to start off small. Start off with just one vape and then wait about 6 hours to see how you feel. Remember that vaping means the CBD will hit your system more quickly than other methods. If you feel like you need more then gradually increase the amount you’re vaping until you feel like you’re at the right dose. The average user gets about 10-30 mg of CBD per day with those suffering more extreme symptoms taking up to 200-1,000 mg per day. 

What are Flavored CBD Vape Pens?

Most vape oil is flavored with terpenes. These are naturally occurring flavor or aromatic molecules. There are many different types of terpenes that have benefits all on their own. You can also find vape juices flavored with fruit juices that are added after the manufacturing process. Whatever method you choose, try to stick with natural ingredients.

What are the Best CBD Vape Pens for Pain Relief?

Many people use a CBD vape pen for pain. They are easy to carry around so that you can dose yourself as needed throughout the day. CBD has been proven to be effective at significantly reducing pain, especially in those that suffer from chronic pain. It works by encouraging your body to produce more of its own cannabinoids and binds with receptor sites responsible for pain control.

Can I Use A CBD Vape Pen for Anxiety?

CBD has also been shown to reduce anxiety by up to 80%. It not only helps anxiety sufferers get better sleep but it also helps those that suffer from social anxiety. Vaping would be the best method to take CBD since it works fast. You can vape CBD about 15 minutes before going into a social setting that would induce anxiety. 

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