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Over the past decade, we have seen a huge boost in CBD’s popularity. People have been using products such as CBD spray, oils and creams to help with numerous ailments. It’s increase in popularity has raised some important questions. Does it work? What are the benefits? While we are still learning exactly how CBD works, we discover more and more about its positive impact on our body as the days go by. 

CBD Spray For Skin

CBD spray is typically used on the skin to help treat pain, inflammation and redness. It’s one of the most effective methods for those looking to treat pain or anxiety. Sprays are the second quickest method to absorb, after smoking. 

One of the downsides to sprays is it may be difficult to determine just how much CBD you’re using at a given time. Many doctors recommend that you start with a small dosage, somewhere around 10 mg. You can work your way up from there as you see fit. You may not start noticing the effects of CBD until your dosage reaches 30 mg depending on your age and body type. 

CBD Spray Versus Cream

CBD cream is another popular method of CBD delivery. Unlike other methods of CBD use, creams aren’t absorbed into the entire body. This could be safer if you are a regular user seeing as we still don’t fully understand the longterm effects and safety of CBD use.

The downsides to creams include price and time. Since creams don’t absorb as much as other methods, more CBD is required to get the same effect as other methods, which can become costly. Creams also take longer to set in than sprays. 

CBD Spray For Pain

Sprays are one of the most popular forms of CBD among those who are looking to treat pain. This is because they are quick to set in and can be applied directly to the area you are feeling pain. A recent study found that CBD can help relieve pain in those suffering from arthritis in as little as four days.

It can also help those that are dealing with chronic pain. The same study found that CBD can be an effective treatment for chronic pain in adulty. Another study found that CBD can be used to reduce pain and inflammation as well as redness and swelling among other typical arthritis effects.

CBD Sleep Spray

CBD has also been proven to help those struggling to fall asleep at night. First and foremost, it’s important to try and get to the root cause of your sleeping issues. Many struggle to sleep at night due to anxiety and depression as well as chronic joint pain. 

While it’s unclear rather or not CBD helps with sleep directly, CBD can help tackle the root causes of insomnia and other sleep issues. CBD has been shown to help lower anxiety levels in those suffering from anxiety due to insomnia. It has also been shown to help relieve pain in those dealing with chronic joint pain. 

Is CBD Spray For Dogs Safe?

happy dog retrieving ball

As your dog gets older he or she may experience pains and anxiety, especially those who are suffering from arthritis. CBD can help reduce the effects your dog feels and let them continue to live a happy carefree life. There are no studies are research that point to CBD in the right dosage being bad for your pets. 

What Are Some of the Side Effects of CBD Spray?

Just like every other form of medication, CBD oil doesn’t come without its negative side effects. However, CBD’s negative side effects are considered less extreme than other forms of medication. Common negative side effects of CBD include tiredness, fatigue and diarrhea.

One of the most popular misconceptions about CBD is that you can overdose on CBD if you take too much. There is no evidence to support these claims. In fact, studies and reports show if you take too much CBD, the worst that may happen, is you feel fatigued and tired. 

Is CBD Spray Safe For Children?

CBD oil has proven to be highly effective in treating a variety of different children’s ailments. These ailments include seizures, autism, ADHD, depressions and anxiety. The World Health Organization lists CBD as a safe product. 

There is no evidence that CBD is dangerous for children. As long as you are careful with the dosage, the most your child may experience are minor side effects. Do proper research on brands and products before purchasing CBD. 

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